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Why Senior Living needs a Public Relations Partner

If your senior living facility isn’t using a public relations firm to help you manage your brand, then you should check out the benefits of partnering with one. Should your community also be using social media? Absolutely!

A Public relations firm builds and maintains a positive public image for a company or organization. PR firms help create content, from press releases to social media messages, in order to help companies shape public opinion about your company or organization. In addition, it tells the story about your brand to help you connect with customers or constituents.

As a senior living facility, why should you utilize public relations in your marketing strategy? First, a PR firm can help you control your narrative in the event of a crisis. It is imperative that you communicate concise messages to the media and on your social media platforms during an emergency.

Crisis communication refers to the technologies, systems, and protocols that enable an organization to effectively communicate during an emergency situation. It is a subspecialty of the public relations profession that is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation. Every facility should have a crisis communications plan in place and should review and amend it as needed.

Social Media is a great tool you can use to boost your brand. It is a quick and easy way to tell the great stories about your facility and its residents to family members and the public. Many of these stories go untold or unnoticed, however with a social media presence, you can ensure they are communicated. A PR firm like Inspired Senior Living can help you manage your social media channels and deliver results to increase awareness about the level of care you provide, social events and to stay connected with the families of your residents. The opportunities to spread the good news are only a click away.

At Inspired Senior Living, we will develop your custom PR strategy and manage the day- to- day operations so you can focus on your residents. We are your partner, your storytellers, your crisis communication manager and marketing strategist.

Your audience is using social media. Adults over 65 are the fastest growing demographic that uses social media. If you are ready to develop a public relations strategy, reach out to us today.


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