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Senior Therapy

Public Relations/Press Release/Media Pitch  & Coaching


Do you have a public relations strategy for your community?  Our firm can put a package in place tailored to your needs.  Our proposals will detail services specifically relating to you and your staff.

Social Media Management and Community Engagement


We thrive on creating a positive online presence for our clients.  We can create, manage and monitor all of your social media channels.  We have several levels of pricing.  Contact us today and let us know how we can help so you can spend more time with your residents.

Blogs, Email Campaigns and Resident Communications 


We are your one stop shop for all things communication.  Our team of writers are passionate about the work you do and want to share your successes with the world.  Reach out today to find out more about all of the tools we have to make your day to day operations less computer filled and a little more resident focused.


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